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             THERMAL PRINTER

                   W30+ /W50+

  W30+ features with multiple saving modes such as compress saving mode, repeat print saving mode and position compensation mode. More than one saving modes can be applied together at same time to maximize saving on ribbons and cost


  •       Specifications  

    Printer Head

    32mm/53mm, 300dpi

    Print Range

    Intermittent Mode

    Modo intermitente :  32mmx75mm       53mmx90mm  

    Continuous Mode

    Modo continuo :  32mmx150mm      53mmx150mm

    Max. Print Speed

    Intermittent Mode : 2 meters/min —30 meters /min

    Continuous Mode: 0.5 meters /min —40 meters /min

    Max. Print Frequency

    Intermittent Mode: 200/minute max.

    Continuous Mode: 350 /minute max.

    Print Content


    Date and Time, Variable Information, Image Information, Table Information, Barcodes, QR Codes, Shift Codes


    Barcodes, QR codes Types

    Code128, EANX, Code11, QRcode, C25matrix, C25inter, C25iata, Upca, Upce, EAN128, PDF417, DataMatrix, etc.

    Program Function

    Basic: Controller supported

    Advanced: Controller supported, customized variable codes sending, multiple printer with one controller supported, programs data exchange agreements

    Communication Port

    RS232, Ethernet, Program data exchange channel

    Interface Language

    Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, German, Russian, etc.

    Supplementary Work Mode

    Compressed Printing Mode, Repeat Saving Mode, Equal Space Mode, Position Compensate Mode

    (multiple combination available)


    (Print Unit)


    T30: 190mm x 180mm x 170mm

    T50: 210mm x 180mm x 170mm


    Impresora Printer:  7.1kg (T30), 7.5kg (T50)

    Controlador Controller: 0.75kg

    Work Temperature


    Work Humidity

    10%-95% non-condensing

    Air Pressure

    0.6Mpa (Maximum) Seco, aire no contaminado Dry, non-polluting air

    Power Supply

    AC220V ± 10%,50Hz

    AC100V ± 10%,50Hz/60Hz


    Always Enhancing  Hot plugging supported touch screen controller is perfect for occasion with multiple printers. Same one controller handle can be plugged or unplugged at any time to control multiple printers while printers are working, which prevents loss of suspending operation when controlling goes wrong.

       W30+/W50+ supports both of intermittent print mode and continuous print mode to save customers from trouble of inventory planning and to serve package lines with different print mode needs.

    Installation: Preserve Compatible

       Dimension and mounting hole site of print unit of W30+/W50+ are universal design, which ensures its easy installation. When customers are replacing pre-owned TTO printers with W30+/W50+, existed mounting can be remained in using to save cost. 

       Our modularized mounting design makes W30+/W50+ can be installed in different types of package lines with pillow packaging machines, horizontal/vertical packaging machines, premade pouch packaging machines, paging machines, rewinder machines, etc.


    Keep Improving

       W30+/W50+ features with multiple saving modes such as compress saving mode, repeat print saving mode and position compensation mode. More than one saving modes can be applied together at same time to maximize saving on ribbons and cost. 

       Big print area:

       Intermittent - 32x75mm, 53x90mm             Continuous - 32x150mm, 53x150mm

       High print speed:

       Intermittent - 250 times/min                        Continuous - 370 times/min                         Line speed - 43 m/min


    Mind Details

       Our unique self-adapting technology (patent pending) of print head supports print head to stick to its optimum state with adapting and adjustment by itself during running. The technology makes installation of printer easier, but with better printing result. 

       Flattening design of Hall sensor of print unit ensures reliability and safety during installation and operation. And our special mounting style of the sensor secures its position below the backplane to protect the sensor from possible related abrasion and damage.

       Build-in 24V power source supports to set print signal independently from packaging machines when necessary.  

    Operation: Make it easy

       Only two ribbon guide rolls in ribbon cassette makes exchanging ribbon simple and easy. 

       7 inches touch screen controller and user-friendly interface simplifies all the operation.

       Print content can be edited through our icon style menu of software handy in PC and transferable to printer by USB flash disk. 



    Following Trend

       For a long time, printers could only offer functions of printing without result inspection. But for now, inspection requirement becomes more and more significant within the whole printing process. Our W+ series printer brings integration of printing and inspection at the same time with our ISEE code inspection system to prevent missed print, wrong print, incomplete print, and even unreadable print effectively. Furthermore, the integrated system triggers warning and rejection during inspecting every single piece of print, which helps customers to avoid related complaint potentials and legal risks. 

       Our outstanding and experienced R&D team from Woojamark persists in providing improving printing solutions to customized needs from our customers and related technical supports in any way constantly. Woojamark is always at the cutting edge of flexible package printing industry to serve our customers globally.