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A conveyor feeder is a device used to transfer materials onto a conveyor belt. These units are typically used as part of an assembly line manufacturing system, though they can also be used with a variety of industrial machinery and equipment

1. Automatic paging machine is used to used to automatically separate stacks of packaging bags or cards and convey single piece onto the conveyor belt

2. Easy to facilitate the code machine or laser machine for spray printing, spraying carving production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, design, etc.

3. To reduce the cumbersome manual page, give full play to spurt the code machine, laser machine, high speed spray printing


4. The advantages of improving work efficiency. Equipped with intelligent counting, automatic stop function convenient production management.

5.The machine body is made of stainless steel, and used in imported high-precision inverter with Shanghai Electric, with high stability, to facilitate the production and management,...

6. Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries of printing and spray printing.

Features  :

1, high-speed paging: high-precision variable frequency stepless speed, high-speed automatic paging 10-500 pcs / min, can greatly improve production efficiency.

2, reasonable structure design, replacement of wearing parts is simple and quick, can reduce maintenance costs.

3, optional accessories: automatic receiving device, paging machine separate counting stop signal source

Technical Parameters:

Automatic paging speed: 60 ~ 500 pieces / m

Speed :"From Zero To 60" m/min

Rated voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Machine power: 200W

Weight: 100 Kg

Overall dimensions: 1500 × 390 × 770 (mm) (length X width X height)

Frame :Stainless steel.
Belt width: 300 (mm)

Applicable product range: Length 40-390 (mm) adjustable

Thickness 0.2 adjustable, width 60-300 (mm) adjustable